Multifunctional complex in Poltava

    • COMPANY:
      FILIMONOV & KASHIRINA architects
      Fylymonov Serhii
      Kashyrina Nataliia
      Tretiak Anna
      Lukyanenko Evgeniya
    • TOTAL AREA: 6 930 sq.m.
    • PROJECT: 2022

The housing stock of Poltava, as in many other cities of Ukraine, has a number of disadvantages:

– Similar forms of residence;

– Low quality of service infrastructure (the vast majority of new buildings are parasites on existing service facilities);

– The concept of elitism is determined by the location of the house (external factor), and not by the quality of implemented solutions (internal factors);

– The monofunction of buildings, which causes the extinction of the residential area during the daytime;

– Fast depreciation of the house (due to cheap solutions).

Victory in the war, active integration into the European Union makes Ukraine attractive to the whole world, and for Ukrainians it erases the borders for choosing a place of residence. Therefore, the main goal for the city/investors is to create a European quality of life, focusing on the economic basis of the country – the middle class.

New buildings should replenish the housing stock with quality modern housing, while outdated buildings should be removed to improve the quality of the entire housing stock. This process is called “residential migration”. It is typical for all of Europe.

The designed premium-class residential complex, in addition to the central location, includes a number of significant advantages that make the house a unique offer on the housing market:

– Different forms and scenarios of living (the concept of all the benefits of a private house – private terraces, two-story layout, two-story spaces)

– Separate functional zones of the adjacent territory – Children’s playground and public zone;

– Variety of functions – office area, housing (life-work concept in one place), cafe, which works both for residents of the complex and for other visitors;

– An additional pedestrian connection across the block creates a compaction of the street network and new high-quality recreational spaces, saturates the office block, adds visitors to the cafe;

The idea of creating a form is to cut a sculpture from natural material (clay/clinker brick). Particles break off from the original form under the influence of various reasons (historical context, function, reaction to the new boulevard) and a complicated form – a sculpture – appears. The facade is perceived as a whole thanks to the mono-material – clinker brick. It is he who gives birth to the new volume with the surrounding historical environment.

The project “Multifunctional complex GOGOL RESIDENCE in Poltava” received the prize of the competition “Prize of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine” in 2022.