• Contributors:
      Sergey Filimonov
      Jacob Aleksentsev
      Alex Obraztsov
    • Project: 2011

The main proposals on the formation of Left Bank Center are:

  1. To take the master plan as a basis for the formation of Left Bank Center with the possibility of making any reasonable changes.
  2. River Dnepr consider a major compositional axis of the city.
  3. Left-Bank social City Centre consider as a part of the Greater Dnieper Ensemble.
  4. Territory in the arc of the railway and the prospect Pravda consider as a part of the Left Bank Center.
  5. To provide maximum openness of this area with all the Left Bank.
  6. To increase the capacity of road links of left and right banks at the expense of reconstruction of the road cloth of the railway bridges or addition of a third bridge or tunnel.
  7. To develop “Gare du Nord” on the basis of Nizhnedneprovsk station.
  8. Move the road of second metro line close to the “Gare du Nord”.
  9. To increase the island “Green” by an alluvium of its eastern part.
  10. To develop a promenade linking from the waterfront of residential area “Solnetchnui” to the cargo port.
  11. To solve a drainage system as architectural and landscape complex.
  12. Provide multi-level parkings in the peripheral zones.
  13. To focus the main linear open space to the Dnieper River and the right bank part of the city and to provide the disclosure of Vorontsov Avenue toward the Dnieper River.
  14. To take the scale of buildings in the coastal zone increased as high-rise.