Multifunctional building on. Shevchenko street, Dnipro

      Fylymonov Serhii
      Kashyrina Nataliia
      Rozum Alla
      Ivanov Dmitro
      Julina Alexandra
      Tkatchenko Anna
      Podriz Catherine
      Basanska Irina
      Moscvitina Natalia
    • CHIEF CONSTRUCTOR: Sergey Yakovenko
    • TOTAL AREA: 32 500 m2
    • HEIGHT: 67 m
    • FLOORS: 19
    • PROJECT: 2019
    • REALIZATION: 2021-2022

The multifunctional complex is a part of the complex reconstruction of the quarter within Gogol, Patorzhynsky, Shevchenko, and Ujnaja streets. The work is a continuation of the consistent transformation of this part of the city into a socially active center.

The complex consists of a stylobate and three different volumes on it. The 4-story building overlooking the red line is maximally tied to the main historical building. The volume, which is perpendicular to the street, departs from the red line by stairs. The highest volume is the most immersed in the quarter, it is anomalously cut off by a bystreet, so it has an acute-angled shape and thereby articulates the bystreet’ curvature.

On the red line, there is an office-trading block, high-rise volume – housing, in a stylobate – mechanized multilevel parking.

The office and residential parts have separate entrances: an office entrance from Shevchenko Street through an arranged courtyard, a residential entrance from the bystreet.

The project envisages the creation of operated roofs, a large green shared space inside the quarter with recreation areas, a playground that connects with the yard on the stylobate by the pedestrian bridge.

The project “Multifunctional complex” ERMOLAEV CENTER “on 43, Shevchenko str. in Dnipro “:

– received the prize of the competition “Prize of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine” in 2020;

– took 1st place in the most prestigious competition of Ukraine REM Awards 2020-2021 in the category of multifunctional complexes;

– recognized as the winner in the category “MIXED USE ARCHITECTURE” according to the most prestigious international award in architecture and development European Property Awards 2021-2022