• Designer:
      FILIMONOV & KASHIRINA architects
    • Architects:
      Sergey Filimonov
      Natalia Kashirina
      Artem Pereyaslov
    • Total area: 3 500 sq. m.
    • Height: 17,2 m
    • Floors: 4
    • Project: 2017
    • Realization: 2018-2019

The territory is located in Alexandria, Kirovograd region, jn the border of the Shevchenko park.

The object has two different volumes, embedded in each other.

A high 4-storey volume is oriented to the main pedestrian axis. The entrance to it is indicated by the console (7,2 m). The upper part with hotel rooms forms a big “eye” looking at the axis.

A smaller two-story volume is located perpendicular to the secondary pedestrian alley. It accommodates a restaurant with atriums and terraces. Such a statement of volumes, as well as huge windows and terraces opening in all directions, allow the object closely interact with the surrounding recreation and dissolve in it.

There are large atriums In the vestibules of two volumes for better penetration of natural environment into the interior.

The designed object is a multifunctional building.

On the ground floor there is a restaurant hall for 100 seats, a children’s room, a SPA zone.

On the second floor there is a gym, a restaurant hall with two banquet halls with a total capacity of 120 people. , the main part of the kitchen.

On the third and fourth floors are hotel rooms.

The main entrance to the hotel building is organized from the main pedestrian alley. Additional entrance to the restaurant building is provided with a secondary pedestrian alley.

Functionally, the zones are located so that their independent use is possible: the restaurant can operate autonomously from the hotel and the SPA complex, the SPA zone from the restaurant and the hotel.

Parking for 32 cars is located in the southern part of the park. Check in on it is carried out from the existing road to serve football pitches.

Form-creative concept – scraped “skin”, black and white outside, with an internal wooden structure taken as a leitmotif from the surrounding nature.