Shevchenko-Patorzhinsky-Gogol-South Street, Dnipro

      Fylymonov Serhii
      Kashyrina Nataliia
      Artem Pereyaslov
      Rozum Alla
      Julina Alexandra
      Tkatchenko Anna
    • TOTAL AREA: 66 900 m2
    • HEIGHT: 15-51-67 m
    • FLOORS: 4-14-19
    • PROJECT: 2019
    • REALIZATION: 2021-2025

The quarter is located at the foot of the central hill. In a place where the relief is rapidly gaining height (the difference in the quarter is 26m). According to the concept of high-rise buildings of the city (the formation of the Great Dnieper Ensemble) on the street. Vernadsky, st. Gogol passes 100 marks, the so-called “Esplanade 100”. That is, the upper part of the quarter refers to the zone where buildings of increased height can be placed – 100-120m (25-30 floors).

From the 80s, the urban ensemble “City Wall” began to be implemented, which formed the foot of the First Central Hill, the lower part of the quarter belongs to this ensemble.

The idea of formation is based on keeping the lane Shevchenko, revealing its curvilinear, as well as the use of the relief in the planning of the quarter. The project provides for the expansion of the lane to 20m, expansion of the roadway from 3 to 7m.

The stylobate parts of the complexes are immersed in the ground, form two vast terraces on which several volumes of different heights grow. High-altitude volumes are oriented orthogonally to the street and abnormally intersected by lane. This orientation of the objects forms the compositional center within the quarter. It houses an object of general intra-quarter use – a children’s center – in the form of a curved, greened ramp that combines two stylobates.

Built-in public functions are planned at the bottom of both complexes: trade, cafes, offices, parking lots. Above the stylobate in both complexes, one tower -offices, the second – residential.