• Customers:
    LLC “Alef estate»
  • Designer:
  • Architects:
    Sergey Filimonov
    Natalia Kashirina
  • Project year: 2014
  • Partners:

Dem’ian Bednyi Square is located in the city center. Forming Square caused by presence of the Holy Dormition Cathedral, which was converted into a hospital in Soviet times. This space fell into decay today, and does not perform its functions. Square Reconstruction involves the formation of accent elements for the main entrance to the Holy Dormition Cathedral, the creation of recreation areas, pedestrian transit connections, landscaping. The main semantic task is the formation of neutral space, suitable for two different religions – of Orthodoxy (Holy Dormition Cathedral, in front of which the area is situated) and Judaism (Jewish Center “Menorah” with the synagogue, located across the street). This is achieved by creating two fountains arranged symmetrically with the axis of the Holy Dormition Cathedral. Fountains are in the form of cubes, floating on the water jets. Semantically Cube as the octagonal structure is a fundamental principle of all religions. A doubling of the Quartet (4 + 4 = 8), symbolizing the earthly world, is a compound of Heaven and Earth, or intermediate between the two world embodies integrity and completeness of the cosmic manifestation. Four in Christianity is a foundation of the world, the four basic elements and the four winds. Four and its geometric equivalent – the square began to designate God (square altar) and the created material world to them. In Judaism, the cube is also a form of sacred object called “tefillin.” As in Judaism and in Islam, a cube is a center of faith.