• TOTAL AREA: 19 400 m2
    • CONSTRUCTION VOLUME: 70 000 m3
    • HEIGHT: 69 m
    • FLOORS: 18
    • Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko

Reconstruction of the building into the residential complex «DELMAR LUX» at D. Yavornytsky

Avenue (K. Marx), 72, is the completion of the long-term construction, which was frozen in 2008. The
building was built according to the project "Dolnik and Co", completed in 2006 by Alexander Dolnik
and Sergey Filimonov.

The building of the residential complex "DELMAR LUX" is rectangular in terms ( 32.0 x 56.0 m).

The variable number of storeys from five to eight to sixteen floors.

Eighteen-story part of the building in the depth of the building is reduced to five floors D.
Yavornytsky Avenue, tied by the cornice with the adjacent existing buildings.
The facade of the building at D. Yavornytsky Avenue was decided in the form of granite columns
on a height of three floors. The high-rise part of the building, at Vladimir the Great street, is flanked by a quadrangular tower, where the unheated staircase is situated. The tower is completed with a delicate glazed metal structure.

The four lower floors of the building occupy a shopping center, in the upper floors there are
apartments having a separate lobby with an entrance from the side of the lane Skorikovsky. The
ground floor of the building is occupied by a parking for 33 cars.

The heart of the residential complex is the atrium. All the facades of shops and fast food
restaurants opens to the atrium galleries, which makes them accessible and attractive to the buyer.
The vertical movement of buyers is carried out with the help of open escalators, grouped at the far
end of the atrium.