• Designer:
    • Architects:
      Sergey Filimonov
      Daria Mamzeleva
      Irina Basanskaya
    • Total area: 3500 m2
    • Height: 6 m
    • Floors: 2
    • Project year: 2012
    • Realization: 2012-2013

Mobile recreational center consists of two rectangular volumes 60h8m flanking the boulevard axis, thereby forming an internal street width of 6m, which is both a part of the interior of the whole complex, and part of the exterior. The project provides 2 entrances into each of the parts of the complex: the first – from the Murahtova street, the second – from the park. Facades focused on internal pedestrian street made with the maximum number of glazing. Fragments of of the facade, hanging over the pedestrian street – reinforce the feeling of being in the interior of the building. External facades, oriented to the roadway of Lenin Avenue, are closed. According to its imaginative characteristics, the complex resembles a pipe, holding inside a functional content of the object. The pipe is dissected into 2 parts by the axis of boulevard. The building has not clearly expressed beginning and end , so it can be continued infinitely. Mobile recreational center includes two main functional areas:

-trade zone, which is located partially on the basement and on the ground floor;

– Cafe area, located on the ground floor of the building, which has additional summer outdoor area which is adjacent to territory of the park.