• ARCHITECTS: Sergey Filimonov
      Natalia Kashirina
      Alexandra Zhilina
      Anna Maltseva
      Alexander Maly
      Alexander Zavatsky
    • CHIEF CONSTRUCTOR: Sergey Yakovenko
    • TOTAL AREA: 5 000 sq. m
    • HEIGHT: 30 m
    • FLOORS: 9
    • PROJECT: 2021
    • CUSTOMER: Vertex Group

The building is a part of the complex reconstruction of Ispolkomovskaya Street, one of the oldest streets in the city. 

Being located at the intersection of two streets – Patorzhinskogo and Ispolkomovskaya – it plays the most significant role in the perception of the entire complex. 

A characteristic feature of this place is the adjunction of Ispolkomovskaya street at an acute angle to Patorzhinskogo street. Another peculiarity is the height of the adjacent buildings which consists of 9-6, 3-2 storey buildings. These factors formed the basis of the shape of the building. The object reacts to the height of the neighboring buildings and steps linked to them. The configuration of sharp corner gives the possibility to move the levels of the building, emphasizes the uniqueness of the location. That’s why the object was named “THE CORNER”.

The functional purpose of the object – office building with built-in commerce on the first two floors. Active relief made it possible to enter the building from two streets on different levels. The main entrance is on Patorzhinskogo street. 

Facade materials also react to the location of the building. Clinker brick and bronze cassettes are present in the finishes. Brick is present in the surrounding historic buildings and gives friendship of the new object with the context. At the sharp corner of the building a three-dimensional masonry on vertical pylons is used as the culmination of the perception of the object. Bronze is used on the upper levels of the building to make the building weight  lighter, and is also accentuated on the entrance groups of the first floors.