FILIMONOV & KASHIRINA architects
      Sergey Filimonov
Natalia Kashirina
      Artem Pereyaslov
    • TOTAL AREA: 4 630 sq. m.
    • PROJECT: 2018
    • REALIZATION: 2019-2020

Yuzhnaya Street is located in the central area of the Dnepr city, between Shevchenko St., Ispolkomovskaya St., Patorzhinsky St. and Shevchenko Ln. There are two pedestrian connections from the southeast side to Shevchenko Lane. The street has a sloping relief with a decrease from the Patorzhinsky St. to the Shevchenko St. and located along the base of the central hill.

The main tasks of creating a pedestrian boulevard are:

1) Formation of a recreational zone in the central part of the city.

The designed pedestrian boulevard will be a continuation of already formed Yekaterinoslavsky boulevard. It will create a chain of pedestrian streets connecting D. Yavornitsky Ave. and Krasnopovstancheskaya ravine, which in turn will be developed in the future for residential and public functions.

2) The continuation of the formation of a multifunctional modern environment in the center of the Dnepr.

The boulevard is longitudinally divided into three zones: along the building line – transit zones, in the center – a functionally diverse zone (recreation, quiet rest area, children’s playground). The zoning of the central part of the boulevard assumes the construction of a stream of curvilinear shape (150 mm deep) as a symbol of the underground river Polovitsa, which at the end of the 19th century was enclosed in a collector and now flows under the projected boulevard. In the central part are planted two rows of trees. Lanterns are installed along the central axis of the boulevard with a distance 14.4 m.

The modular grid (4,8×4,8m) and types of paving are taken from the already implemented Yekaterinoslavsky boulevard for a maximum similarity of the existing and projected boulevards.

The project provides the exclusion of traffic from Yuzhnaya Street via an arrangement of stationary elements – granite balls. In the places of possible passage of fire engines assumed installation automatic bollards from Patorzhinsky St. and Shevchenko St. Places for temporary parking for residents of Yuzhnaya Street, will be moved to Patorzhinskogo St.

The project is the laureate of the competition “SPACE “in 2018.