• COMPANY:
      FILIMONOV & KASHIRINA architects
      Fylymonov Serhii
      Kashyrina Nataliia
      Zhylina Oleksandra
      Zavatskyi Oleksandr
      Tretiak Anna
      Koljasa Egor
      Lukyanenko Evgeniya
      Evgenia Nigmadulina
    • The plot area is: 41 hectares.
    • number of residents is: 13,000
    • number of jobs: 12,000
    • number of places in kindergartens: 580 people, in schools – 1000 people.
    • The total area of the buildings is: 760,000 m2.
    • Including housing: 322,000 m2
    • PROJECT: 2023

The main task for the city in the conditions of war is to preserve and return the main resource ofthe city – its residents. Our professional competence is to improve the spatial characteristics ofthe city. We believe that the Concept of Spatial Development of the Dnipro can become aneffective means of improving the quality of life of citizens. Its development requires theinvolvement of many specialists, both domestic and foreign. Therefore, first we decided to try totest these principles on a specific site.

This work is an attempt to implement the principles of European urban planning in a local place. As well as the creation of a tool for the interaction of government and business within theframework of an integrated approach to the development of the territory.

The work was made on the initiative of the Main Architectural Planning Department of Parksand Infrastructure of Dnipro City Council.

Aiming at two main tasks – improving the quality of life and sustainable development of the city(the ability to adapt to various changes – environmental, economic, etc.), we singled out the maintransformation strategies, such as – compact city, Street and road network densification , Transport system Balance, Connected green public spaces , Natural resource management, diversity of housing typologies, human scale of the buildings, multifunctionality, identity. The ideal land plot for the implementation of these principles is the Manuilivskyi residential district, its empty alluvial plot.

The territory is located in the central part of the city on the Left Bank.

It has good connection with the business center of the city on the right bank. In the south, itborders the main artery of the city, the Dnipro River.

At different times, the city returned to developing of this area. No one of the proposals did notbecome  a real tool for understanding the stages of development.

The main attraction of the place is the Dnipro River. Its coastal part is planned as a city-widepark, which is connected with main prospect by perpendicular boulevards. The project envisagesthe connection of the coastal park with the island located opposite.

The large clusters are divided by the street and road network into smaller clusters. The scale ofthe new quarters is identical to the European ones.

The next step was the placement of social infrastructure (kindergartens, schools).

Thus, a new microdistrict is supposed to become a locomotive for the development of the entiredistrict.

The main attraction of the new neighborhood are boulevards with canals. It is a historical lostwater attraction that is returning to the citizens.

Water channels perform not only an aesthetic function, but also serve as an engineering drainagesystem to prevent flooding of adjacent territories.

The project provides built-in public functions in the first floors.

The logic of the functional development scheme is based on the placement of mixed-use publicbuildings along the avenue. Along the coastal park – entertainment functions, inside residentialgroups – kindergartens and schools.

This work was presented by the city at the reBuildUkraine international conference in Warsaw – a platform for attracting external financing for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The project is also considering in the program of helping the city within a memorandum offriendship and cooperation between Cologne and Dnipro.