• Architects:
    Natalia Kashirina
    Sergey Filimonov
  • Guestrooms: 120 pcs.
  • Residents: 264 people.
  • Height: 7 m
  • Floors: 2
  • Project: 2014

The territory of 3.5 hectares is located on Fedotova Spit, and is regarded as part of the development of recreation industry on the Azov Sea. The residential group are arranged perpendicular to the main traffic artery According to the planning concept. Three residential groups are formed in this concept; they consist of 12, 16 and 20 modules. The distances between residential groups is approximately 30 m, they form a landscaped yard area. The open spatial organization of residential groups provides disclosure of each of the residential units to the sea.

Residential unit is a universal two-storey module connected by a common communication node. The module includes two rooms designed for 1 and 2-3 people. Residential groups of different lengths can be formed on the basis of the Residential unit. Residential group is formed by accommodation units assembled on both sides of the road, the amount of this units may vary with changing situations, such as those associated with the expansion of recreation. Specificity of the modules is making a dining area on the summer terrace and a decrease the living room. A large terrace overlooking the courtyard and the sea, forms an additional private recreation area for residents and orients them to the main dominant of the area – the sea.

The project “Modular mini-hotel on the Azov Sea” is a laureate of competition for young architects of the First All-Ukrainian Youth Festival of Architecture “ARCHIVISION”, 2014.